Stained and leaded glass windows frequently require repairs due to damage or deterioration. Most often, damage and deterioration can be repaired without the necessity of completely rebuilding the window. Once we get a look at it, we can advise you for the best course of action. We will discuss the best and most economical solution for each problem.

A before and after shot of a piece, once shattered, now repaired to like new!
A piece that had clearly succumbed to the elements, now fully repaired
Reframed and refreshed colors, another repaired piece
A favorite of ours. This beautiful lamp was repaired from horrible condition after considerable fire damage, now like new.
A shattered stained glass piece, now repaired
Two stained glass pieces that got repaired at our shop
Just like new, this stained glass is back to its old, beautiful self


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Consultations and estimates for repair and
custom work are no charge and done on site.

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