Custom Designs

Colors, styles, and choices of glass are all choices that we will guide you through and can be tailored to your wants or needs. In a sense, everything we do is custom. Everything is tailored to the client’s wishes and the look they desire. No two people even have the same size window, so everything has to be reworked even if it’s a standard design. So everything really is custom. We will help you make an appropriate choice for your house.

Custom stained glass piece
Two pieces side by side of custom stained glass
A beautiful religious icon made by our stained glass experts
This gorgeous custom piece became someone's kitchen
A collection of some truly lovely pieces. We are especially fond of the horse.
Custom pieces involving nice color contrasts of green on yellow
A springy piece with beautiful blues and floral imagery


Coran-Sholes Stained Glass
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Consultations and estimates for repair and
custom work are no charge and done on site.

Ask for Joe Sholes.